Young Sun Ship's Registry

This page contains the HIN, Owner, S/V Name in alphabetical order by ship's name. We will only print the ship's data with the permission of the owner. This data is intended to be a long term repository of information about individual sailing Young Sun vessels. Thank you for coming to this page.

Ship Name Ship Type HIN First Name Last Name Region
Amphitrite YS35 YSV 35 384 0782 Bill Kilmer West Coast
Anna Rose YS43 853560 Rosie Ferguson Melbourne
Argo YS43   Charles Hamilton Maryland
Arthur Wesley YS35 YSY 35 376 ???? Alan Davidson West Coast Scotland
Avalon IV YS43 1978 Robert Daudlin Light House Cove, Canada
Chinook YS35 WEA 35 009 1179 Brian Taylor Med
Circe YS43   John Loggins North Carolina
Free Willy YS35 YSY35 390 0783 Phil & Carol Wilson Lake Macquarie
coqui YS35 YSY 35 329 1180 Michael & Rena Swift Grenada
Esperanza YS35 IMO 35 040 0779 Jose JF Sea of Cortes
Gypsy YS35 YSY35 315 0480 Neil & Lisa Coleman California
Inspiration YS35 YSY 35 368 0981 Bob Trotter Michigan/NZ
Justice YS43   Rick Clemens California
Lumen YS35   Matthew Sergeant Portugal
Mizar YS35   Ray Moore Santa Margarita, Spain
Moon Shadow   N0673742 Jeremy Dixon Fremantle, AU
Moonstruck YS35 YSY 35 314 mmyy Matthew R Fleming On Hard
My Jo YS35 Annapolis Kathleen Rogers Rio Dulce
Nangana YS43 AVWWA081575DA1 Peter Ward Port Welshpool, AU
Odyssey YS35 YSY 35 383 1082 David Mackenzie Canada
Omega YS35   Robert Merrifield Chicago
Osprey   PAQ 20 055 H484 Jim Gillmore  
Passages YS35 YS 35 397 0284 John Rue Florida
Peacemaker YS35 YS 35 Bill Lee Shipwright Harbor
Permanent Waves YS43 YS 43 673238 Scott Huston West Coast
Priority YS35 CZY 35 417 C385 Mary Atterholt Virginia USA
Quest YS35   Ross McCallum Florida USA
Reach YS35   Kevin Craig Ketchikan, AK
Rhiannon YS35 HCY 35 408 0884 Christopher Herold Pacific Northwest
Rose YS35 YSY 35 377 0482 Dave Peixotto Mayo, Maryland
Sailabout YS35 HYC 35 358 0381 ----- ---- Lost At Sea Pacific
Scotts' Mist YS43 Ketch Alan Scott Scotland
Sequin YS35 BVA 35 356 0281 Tony Sorace Grenada
Tamawind YS35 YSY35 311 0380 Mike Laaper Fredericton, NB
The Dove YS54 SSR 25 854 YS54 Larry Tyler Trinidad & Caribbean
Triall YS35 CZY 35 423 G686 Murray Wires Maryland
Ty Dewi YS43 MEZ G0 075 0784 Nick Ward River Orwell, England
White Feather YS35 YS 35 1980 Jaap Prohn Netherlands
Wind River YS35   Jon Thomsen Oregon
Zeearend (Sea Eagle) YS35 Westwind Herman de Nooij Netherlands
Zephyr YS35 YSY 35 ??? ??81 Gioi Scrivano Southern Europe
Zephyra YS35 YSY 35 ??? ??84 Jim Bach Southern Europe

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