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We have added a Young Sun Owners Bulletin Board to the Young Sun Yachts website and it is open for business. The site can be reached from

A Guest can view "Public Areas" but will not be able to view the Members Only materials without logging in and being a "Boat Owner". You will need Register to log in. To be promoted to Boat Owner member must own a Young Sun 35 or 43 and be approved by Webmaster or Global Moderator. We will ask a few questions via email about your YS. In order to make this a viable BB we need your input and commentaries, please join. Thank you.

The Young Sun Owners site has been opened for all YS owners and enthusiasts.

This site is a living document and an archive of documents relating to Young Sun Yachts sailboats. The site relies on the documentary contributions of Young Sun owners and others. In general, any article relating to human interest issues and anything about the Young Sun's is publishable. There are no dues, formal membership or other fees.

Thanks to those generous people who have made this site viable.

January 2008: Because of the large discount( and the hosting time had run out) ) I purchased 3 years of hosting for $100. That does not include the domain name but that is good until September of this year. This more than exhausts the money supply but I guess I have to figure that is my little contribution to our group. Thanks again.

January 2009: We added the YSO Bulletin Board this year and paid for the URL. Webmaster has put in a lot of hours this year transferring the data and picture albums from the MSN site to YSO BB. Thanks to Jim Bach for the data.

I was asked to expand the form so that people could send all of a ship's information via this form. Feel free to contact us and don't forget to add the security code before submitting. Thank you for contacting us.

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YSO has the ability to add users so if you are interested in blogging about Young Sun's please contact the Author below and we will see what we can set up for you.

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Jim Bach - THANKS!

Just as it seemed the website would die unceremoniously, along came Youngsun owner Jim Bach to save us for another three years. It might be kind of a nice jesture to go to the bulletin board and thank Jim and to figure out how to perpetuate this site for a longer period.

Young Sun performance data

Our members happened upon some statistics for a Cabo Rico and this sparked a discussion of our YS35 boats. Actually the statistics for a YS 35 promote our idea that this is a great blue Water boat. Here are some data from Sail Calc about our boats:

Boat Name=Young Sun 35
Displacement To LWL=325
Hull Speed=7.3
Sail Area To Displacement=16.12
LWL To Beam=2.65
Motion Comfort=36.09
Capsize Ratio=1.68

Jordon Drogue & Dictionary

We were going through the materials stored away on the machine and came acrosss these bits of information. (1) How to make a Jordon Drogue. This is an old typewritten document that shows it all. The document needs to be preserved. This would be a great addition to a Thumb Drive.

Larry Tyler writes

I first had a Young Sun 35 which I took delivery of in Jan. 1982 at Young Sun boat yard ( having placed the order at the London Boat show in 1981), having spent a month there commissioning it, we sailed to Honk Kong, and all over the South China seas and Indian ocean, including 5 crossings of the Indian ocean. It was one of the best times of my life. She was called Selamat Tinggal. 7 years on I flew to Taiwan from Mauritius and visited Mr. and Mrs. Ho at Young Sun boat yard with the idea of picking up some rubber gaskets for my port holes. Mr. Ho showed me the Young Sun 54 designed by W I Crealock, which was in a half finished condition so that one could alter the interior as one wished, and tempted me to buy it offering me a dealership price in other words an offer I could not refuse. Having ordered the 54 from Mr. Ho, I sailed Selamat Tinggal from Mauritius to Durban and sold it on the first day I arrived there!!! quite a shock and very sad to part with her. Two years later I sailed The Dove in to Knysna in South Africa on my way round the Cape of Good Hope and anchored next to my beloved Young Sun 35, Selamat Tinggal and met with the new owner. About 8 years ago I was tied at the dock of Peakes boat yard here in Trinidad and as I came to go ashore I saw what looked like my old Selamat Tinggal just tied up 2 boats away, but it had a tiller ?, mine had a wheel. I knocked on the hull and told the people on board that I believed that was my old Young Sun 35. ( they still had the original sun awning) And would you believe it it was, they had bought it in South Africa from the second owner and changed the wheel to tiller steering. It is now called Jacana and the owners can be contacted by email at I gave them a copy of the original Young Sun 35 brochure and told them all about the yard ( I had spent 7 months at the yard between Jan. 1988 till I launched The Dove in July in Kaohsiung harbour). [Webmaster note: to find out more about Larry & The Dove google Larry Tyler The Dove]

Appologies to New BB Members

Webmaster may have rejected one or more legitmate applications. Please be patient & USE A USER NAME THAT MAKES SENSE. One way we have of determining spam is to look at user names that are obviously nonsense. Same applies to email names to support the user name. Webmaster will check and send you a email. No response means spam so please respond.

Young Sun Owners be proud

Young Sun owners! This is your Young Sun Yachts forum and support group. We are here to provide you with a volunteer support system that includes everything a world adventurer might need. Our boats are on every major water way on this planet. What else could we ask for? Tell us we are listening!

The "Ship Registry" is an important part of this site. If your YS is not listed please contact the Webmaster at We will be happy to add or correct any errors in the Ships Registry.
The following link will take you to the brochure and photographs of our quality blue water boats.
The "Technical Articles" section is a vehicle to present detailed information relating to our boats. Please visit this area once in a while to see what is new. We will be happy to add or correct any technical articles. We are always open for new articles that exceed the capabilities of the YSO BB. Contact us at with your articles.

YS 43 Named: Ty Dewi

Nick Ward writes: So, I've registered on the BB and look forward to contributing, thanks for going to the effort to set this up.

It's probably time to update our info - we're no longer on the River Orwell in England, we are a year into our cruising life, currently in the Virgin Islands after six months in the Caribbean then a further six month summer on the US East Coast form Maine down to Virginia. We'll be in the VI's until Jan 09 then the Bahamas, Florida and finally a ship around to British Columbia where we will come ashore in the Summer of 09.

Ty Dewi, our YS43 Pilot House, has done us proud as both a home and a bluewater cruising yacht. From the beaches of the Caribbean to the wilds of Maine, from days of motoring to fifty knot winds in the Atlantic, she's not missed a beat. Sure, the brightwork is a challenge and there's always something on the job list, but after a two week offshore trip from Virginia to St Thomas, with a gale then four days of broad reaching in thirty knots of wind, the only breakage was a loudspeaker cover when the crew slipped on the cabin floor. Through all that, we never hand steered - the autopilot and the boat did it all for us - these boats really look after their crew.

Our kids are six and five years old and this boat is their home. She's safe, comfortable and we love her. In every anchorage, she makes people smile and they come and talk to us because we have an interesting boat. If people reading this are thinking of buying a Young Sun, we'd recommend it, but look elsewhere, this one's not for sale.

there's lots more info on our website: many thanks. Nick

YS 43 Named Moonshadow

Jeremy Dixon writes: "Young Sun 43 previously named 'Rogue River' now Moonshadow. Previous owners were Steve and Jaquie Gloor from San Diego. We purchased Moonshadow in Brisbane in 2006 and sailed to Fremantle. Looking forward to cruising adventures in the near future. Love to be contacted by other YS owners. The Hull No (N0673742) is carved into the wood under the floor by the mast! I don't know if this is a hull No or not. Moonshadow is an absolutely beautiful boat! (:-))

YS 35 Named Rose

Dave Peixotto writes: "I bought this boat [YS 35 Rose] new in 1982 while serving a career in the U.S. Army. I was able to have it customized in the interior - overhead pantry lockers in between the galley and salon, L shaped dinette, standing chart table with drawers under, heater shelf in salon, etc. The topsides is standard except for the waist high mast pulpits on both sides of the mast. As I was transferred around, the boat remained in Maryland since I was repeatedly posted to the D.C area. I retired from the Army in 1997 while in California, where I remain, and left the boat in Maryland while waiting to figure out my future. It has very little use (400hrs on the engine)and has been shrink wrapped the past several years but lack of use and regular maintenance is not good. I am now deciding whether to bring it to the SF Bay Area where I live."

Yanmar 3M30 Stop Cable

I finally found a source - Torrensen Marine- for the pesky cable that kept freezing up due to a kink

Manufacturer: Yanmar
Part Number: 104271-67550
Description: STOP CABLE 3 METERS / 10' 4"

Lubricate stop cables periodically to ensure good working order. Use a water proof grease to do so. This is done by loosening the locking screw in the barrel at the engine side of the cable. Pulling the inside cable out at the panel, take a water proof grease and generously coat the cable and shank. When the cable is reinserted, make certain it is pushed all the way in and the shut down arm is in the complete run position before locking the barrel screw back up.
Our price: $22.36 - each
Cable Hyperlink

A new YS 43 on Lake Michigan

This spring we noticed a YS 43 in our marina. It is painted a very pretty blue color and really shines. The owner brought it up from Florida this winter. We introduced ourselves and talked YS for a while and received an invite to tour the boat. About a week later we did just that. I was amazed at the room compared to our 35. I was immediately jealous of the fuel and water capacity. However, I was even more jealous of the workshop that was in the aft/port side: it even had a work bench and a vise. The access to the engine compartment is a dream come true. The whole effect is one of a small apartment in Italy or France. Very nice indeed. The only negative I could see on the whirlwind tour was that the aft stateroom entry is low and I really whacked my head. I will try to get some pictures some time in the future. Now I know why 43 owners really like them for the long haul.

Contributed by Chuck Moore:
When we purchased Inspiration, a YS 35, she had an Autohelm 3000 (2 complete units for redundancy) that attached to the Edson pedestal. It was a belt driven affair and the driven pulley was mounted to the wheel. This set up was a philosophically troublesome one and not deemed reliable for situation where it was absolutely necessary for it to perform in heavy seas. The lifelong engineer in me screamed for a more robust and reliable set up to which I could trust my life. The complete article including a electronics block diagram is here

Inspiration leaving the Saugatuck area this fall on the way to Lake Michigan's waters. The day was 1' to 3' waves and 10kt winds. This resulted in a broad reach speed of 4.2 to 5.5 kts. more of Inspiration

Saugatuck is on the west side of Michigan near Holland and is a community of artists and thrives on tourism. Water sports and fishing abound and the nautical community has a large impact on the community and its revenues. The number of saiboats is quite large and there are two major yacht clubs.All major nautical services are available.

World Cruising WiKi

The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki (an online world cruising guide) was established so that all cruisers around the world can have free access to as much information on cruising around the world as possible. Information on Countries, Immigration and Customs procedures, world ports, navigation and approaches, marinas, anchorages, etc. A FREE, ONLINE WORLD CRUISING GUIDE! Kudos for their efforts

Ship's Registry Page
A brief summary of Young Sun sailing vessels that may be of interest to Young Sun fans.

Photo Albums
NEW. The link leads to past photo ablums (imported from MSN site by Jim Bach) and NEW albums as well. You can add your own sv's. Just send them to

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Archived Articles
The link leads to archive articles that were on home page and other pages.

Chinook Blog
An account of the fearless meandering around the globe of a small ship - an 11 metre cutter-rigged Westwind35 and its less than intrepid crew. CoC For Sale Website

Inspiration's Blog
A blog about the trials and tribulations of the yacht Inspiration. A Young Sun 35 that has been on the "circle route" and around the Great Lakes almost all of its life. I keep a Ships Log and I expect some of this will make it in here too.

Ty Dewi Blog
A blog following Ty Dewi, a YS 43, and it's exciting destinations. After making a trans Atlantic crossing from England Ty Dewi is now somewhere in the Caribbean. Then again perhaps it is not longer there - visit the blog and website to see. Ty Dewi Website

Lake Michigan Yacht Sales
Young Sun Boat Yard
These links may be as close as we come to a history of the Young Sun Boat Yard in Tiawan. Both url's lead to a Stu Robinson site and we thank him for allowing us to use these links.

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